Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts on H1N1

Long time no posts, sorry bout that. We've all been a bit overwhelmed this summer and now there's H1N1.

Who isn't worried about this? President Obama has named it a National Health Emergency. It effects those in the population who are most at risk, children and those with underlying medical conditions. We are all looking for the vaccine, especially those of us with children who have these underlying medical conditions. My son has Asthma. After weekly attempts to get the vaccine through my own medical clinic with no luck, I found out another local clinic has received doses of this elusive and high demand vaccine. I think "*whew*" finally I can get my son vaccinated and some of my worrying can be alleviated. So I call the local clinic, ask them if they still have the H1N1 vaccine available, "Yes" the employee says. "Good!" I reply, "I'd like to make an appointment for my high risk child. "Is he a patient with our clinic?" she asks. "No." I reply. "Sorry we can't help you, you must be a patient with our clinic to receive a vaccine here." What!?! No, "You must provide us with proof of his condition to qualify" or any other hoops to jump through, just a plain and simple "No".

What kind of health system is this when high risk patients in a Nationally declared Health Emergency are turned away? I contacted the CDC, yes I was upset and decided to go straight to the top. They were sympathetic but said they could not help me and advised me to contact the Minnesota Department of Health Services, which I did. They were sympathetic and gave me the phone number to the commissioner, unfortunately it was after his office hours so I was unable to get help from him. Still frustrated and angry I decided to contact the television media for help. Finally, someone who will listen to me! Of course they didn't show the whole interview but they did show part of it. You can watch it below.

It's important to realize this is not an isolated incident. I also know of a woman with a child who has a heart condition who was turned down by this same clinic for the same reason. Honestly I don't think this should be allowed to happen. Those who are most at risk should not have to bear the burden of waiting if there is vaccine available in their community. Seriously. Please contact someone who you feel can make a difference about this. Your Legislator or The Department of Health & Human Services. Children should not be allowed to remain at risk like this.

Thank you for "listening"

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