Monday, March 1, 2010

#GOP, Reconciliation is NOT "The Nuclear Option"

Dear Republicans & Fox News:

Reconciliation & "The Nuclear Option" are not one in the same thing but two distinctly different legislative processes. Get your facts straight or Shut Up.

From Wikipedia:
In U.S. politics, the nuclear option is an attempt by a majority of the United States Senate to end a filibuster by invoking a point of order to essentially declare the filibuster unconstitutional which can be decided by a simple majority, rather than seeking formal cloture with a supermajority of 60 senators. Although it is not provided for in the formal rules of the Senate, the procedure is the subject of a 1957 parliamentary opinion and has been used on several occasions since. Senator Trent Lott (Republican of Mississippi) first called the option "nuclear" in March 2003;[1][2] prior to this it was known as the constitutional option.

Thank You Amy Klobuchar!

Amy Klobuchar has committed her support to Reconciliation in Health Care Reform! As of today we have 30 signatures in support of Reconciliation, that's so awesome! Mrs. Klobuchar's statement is below:


"I support the House bill version of the public option which is based on negotiated rates, and if that came up for a vote in reconciliation I would vote yes. I do not support a public option based on Medicare rates because it exacerbates geographic disparities that already hurt Minnesota."

This is a major milestone but the fight is not over! Please contact your legislator and encourage them to sign the letter to Harry Reid in support of Reconciliation! Follow this link to get started today!

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