Friday, October 1, 2010

GOP sponsored Gay bashing has consequences

It's been a while since I've posted to my blog. It's not that I haven't had anything to say. Health Care Reform was just so important to me that things coming up since haven't seemed worth talking about... until now.

All of the political advertisements being thrown at us from both side of the political isle are disturbingly negative. But these conservative political and "Christian" organizations must take responsibility for what happens as a result of their "free-speech" protected gay bashing. Political ads portraying gay & lesbian people in a negative light, as "sinful", "immoral" & even calling them "dangerous" & threatening to the sanctity of marriage go too far. These advertisements incite hate & violent acts toward the gay & lesbian community in general but even worse they inspire students in our Nation's schools to feel justified when they bully their fellow students over their sexuality. The result? Suicides.

Search the internet or watch your local & national news, you'll find a recent rash of suicides. The sentiment is generally the same, "bullying is wrong" or "if we'd known maybe we could have stopped it". Bull Shit. We, as a society, sit by and allow the GOP & "Christian" groups to bash people based on their sexual orientation & then act surprised & shocked when that bashing has consequences. It's time to STOP! It's time to THINK!

Of course the Political & Religious Conservatives will say I'm politicizing a tragic event, again I say Bull Shit. That's an easy way for them to wiggle out of taking responsibility for their words. They don't want to admit they are inciting hate. The truth is if Jesus were here today he would be appalled at the Religious & Political Conservatives & what they do in "His" name. He would compare them to the Pharisees & turn over their tables in anger at their perversion of his message. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors, not hate them. Jesus taught us to accept those who are different, not turn them away & condemn them. I challenge "Christians" & Conservative Politicians to take a good look in the mirror & then to really think hard. When they reach the gates of Heaven will they be allowed in? Have they lived in the manner Jesus taught? Or have they spent so much time trying to condemn others that all they've really accomplished is to condemn themselves... to Hell.

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