Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Sued for Legal Malpractice

Steven Hackbarth of Silver Lake Minnesota has filed a Legal Malpractice lawsuit against Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Mr. Hackbarth was a former supporter of Emmer stating "I pulled floats for him in parades for years. I have a John Deere tractor. My daughter has a goat, and we'd put a sandwich board on the goat with Emmer signs," Hackbarth told the blog, Ripple in Stillwater. "And now all I got was kicked in the head."

I found this story on page 2A of my local newspaper, but I commend Karl Bremer of The Ripple in Stillwater Blog for breaking this story. Of course Mr. Emmer has denied any wrong doing and has even gone as far as to accuse Mr. Hackbarth of extortion. I didn't know filing a lawsuit was extortion... Careful Mr. Emmer, burning the bridges of your former supporters can come back to bite you.

Please follow the link in this entry to The Ripple in Stillwater Blog". His story is very well written and the comments left thus far make good observations.


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