Saturday, November 12, 2011

Your Vote Counts

Right wing (read: GOP/Republican/Conservative) pundits (Limbaugh, Fox News, etc) always seem to be quick to point out the shortcomings & mistakes of their Left Wing (read: Democratic/Liberal) opposites. And lets be honest, the shortcomings & mistakes of people within the public eye should be pointed out. Yes they're human but because of their position in society, they are understandably held to a higher standard. However when the mistakes of Right Wing representatives are pointed out by Left Wing pundits the propensity to condemn the very same criticisms as politically motivated are all too often met with apologies from Democratic Liberals.

Why the difference in reactions? The bottom line is Liberal Democrats are nice. It takes a lot for a Democrat to criticize and when called out for it, the guilt complex kicks in and Liberal Dems quickly back down and apologize. This highlights the very weakness within the Democratic/Liberal/Left Wing psyche. Their sense of "fair play" is much too strong to allow them to compete effectively with the lack of scruples and dirty tricks so often played within a political campaign.

American voters have repeatedly said they don't like negative campaigns but then they turn right around and allow those very same negative campaign tactics to influence their vote.  The American voter is fickle and generally does not put in the necessary research to make an informed decision when they go to the polls.  As a result, we get election results that are disastrous. Case in point, the large number of "Tea Party" Republicans who gained a position in Congress during the last election. Americans wanted something, anything, to change but the change they voted for has proven to be disastrous for both the American Economy, the Rights of American Workers and last but not least Women's Health Care.

Attacks on these subjects have long been defended against by Democratic/Liberal politicians, Unions and even moderate Republican representatives. But when these 'roadblocks' were removed from office, the Radical Right quickly pounced and through Governors offices, decimated the rights of State Workers Unions; through the US Congress, crashed our American economy; and through the lack of opposition, have attacked Women's Reproductive and Health Care rights from all angles.

Your vote has a consequence. Your vote counts. Don't allow the mistakes of past elections continue. Correct the voting mistakes made, vote out the 'Tea Party' Republicans. Recall them where ever possible. And carry this hard learned lesson forward.  Teach your child(ren) the importance of independent research when deciding on the election of a candidate whether for a local municipal office or a national position. Every Vote Counts and Every Vote has a Consequence. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Shame of Penn State

Seriously. The misguided & blatant wrongness of the Penn State student protests make me sick. How ANYONE in their right mind can put football, a GAME, over the harm brought to a child is beyond me. It's absolutely disgusting. The whole damned college needs to be sanctioned not only for its handling of (or lack thereof) these allegations but also for creating an atmosphere that encouraged God-like worship of its football coach. The college itself needs to step forward & discourage or prohibit these inappropriate student demonstrations. And in Joe Pa was half the man these students believe him to be he himself would stand up to the protesters & tell them to disburse & cease their misguided & disgusting demonstrations. The victims of these crimes have already been put thru enough.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update! MN Sen Ingebrigtsen responds

Sen Bill Ingebrigtsen:

"Yes indeed, its not easy to undo the 40 years of fiscal and moral damage, liberalism has created in our great state"

How nice of Senator Ingebrigtsen to respond to my email. Isn't it awful that the liberal programs of Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, etc have done so much damage to Minnesota and it's citizens to leave him so bitter? I hope no one in his family ever needs to rely on these programs. I'm certain with his negative attitude he would treat them very badly if he were to find out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations to MN's GOP

Dear Minnesota Republican House Representative:
Dear Minnesota Republican Senate Representative:

Congratulations MN GOP your dead eye focus on our state's fiscal health has averted the need for a costly special-session...Oh wait.. You ARE going to a special-session.

Well, congratulations on your un-wavering focus on the promised jobs creation you campaigned on... Wait... You didn't get that done either.

At least you can say you decreased the size of government. That was really important to you, you campaigned really hard for smaller government. And now, by voting to put an amendment to our constitution on the ballot, you've ensured that the government will stay out of our private business... Wait, how much more private can you get than marriage? But you're putting that to a vote of the people. You would NEVER try to override the will of the people by stepping in and taking control away from, say.. local school boards. You know, try to micro-manage local.. Wait just a minute, you tried to do that too!

So what exactly did you accomplish this legislative session?

*You've unnecessarily added to our state deficit by forcing a special session.
*You've actually created a situation where the state government may be peering into our private lives. (Can't get any more "Big Government" than that)
*You've attempted to take control away from local School Board members & micro-manage small, local government..

As I see it, you actually have accomplished a lot. Unfortunately, none of it fulfills the promises you made to us when campaigning for your office. So now, We, (your constituents) have a promise or you. BALANCE OUR BUDGET, RAISE TAXES ON THE WEALTHY MINNESOTANS WHO CAN AFFORD TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, QUIT FOCUSING ON THINGS THAT DON'T CREATE JOBS OR INCREASE OUR STATE'S INCOME and STOP LYING! We The People put you into office and We The People can take you out of office.


Your Employers,
We The People

Want to send this to Minnesota's House Republicans and/or Senate Republicans? Follow the link's below for email addresses:
MN House Representatives
MN Senate Representatives

Friday, April 29, 2011


Donald Trump's continued insistence on questioning President Obama's birth certificate and subsequent questioning of our President's lineage and parentage is disgusting and clearly motivated by a deep seated racism that is, quite frankly, disturbing. Even worse is NBC's continued implied support of him by allowing his shows "The Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice" to continue running. In addition the product brands sponsoring these shows imply their support for Trump and his opinions and by proxy they also imply their own racism and distrust for our American President.

I have begun contacting the sponsors of Trump's shows in the hope of pointing out to them the negativity and vile racism they are associating their products and brands with. If you feel the way I do about this and would like to see support for Trump pulled, please join me in contacting these companies. Ask them to remove their support for his shows and more importantly, for Trump.

Below is a list of product brands that sponsor Trump's shows "The Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice". Contact each of them and express your distaste for their association with Trump. Ask the sponsors to stop advertising during Trump's shows. Tell them you will no longer purchase their products or support their brands if the continue to sponsor Trump and his shows. Post your results as comments, I will be very interested to read your success stories. And if there are sponsors that are missing from this list, post their names, I'll add them to my list.

NBC'S 24-HOUR VIEWER COMMENT LINE ~  1-212-664-4444



Email address listed on their site is not deliverable. Searching for updated contact info.



Twitter Handle: @FaroukInc

Twitter Handle: @pepsico
Head of PR: Tim Cost

Monday, March 21, 2011

Warren Buffett, Wary of Apple's Stock  

iClarified is reporting that Warren Buffett is Wary of Apple's Stock. This headline is misleading. What he actually said was "it's not easy for me to come to a conclusion about Apple." That is in actuality far from expressing any wariness of Apple or it's stock as iClarified is implying.

Mr Buffett's comments show his age & the time in which he grew up. To be certain he has been a historically brilliant investor & with these comments I don't believe he is casting doubt on Apple but rather showing his lack of understanding of the future of the computer/electronics industry. I believe there will be a new investment guru to whom Mr Buffet will inevitably willingly or unwillingly pass his baton to. Of course there will always be a place in the investment world for expertise in these historically solid investment prospects but it becomes more imperative as time goes on that an investment expert in the electronics market emerges. Until one does, speculation will remain little better than guessing. But that most certainly does NOT mean Apple as a company or a stock prospect is not a good risk, that must be determined by your own long or short-term investment goals.

I want to make clear that I am in no way claiming to be an investment expert nor am I recommending anyone invest in Apple. I am simply expressing my thoughts on an article of interest and the comments attributed to a person for whom I have a great deal of respect.

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