Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update! MN Sen Ingebrigtsen responds

Sen Bill Ingebrigtsen:

"Yes indeed, its not easy to undo the 40 years of fiscal and moral damage, liberalism has created in our great state"

How nice of Senator Ingebrigtsen to respond to my email. Isn't it awful that the liberal programs of Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, etc have done so much damage to Minnesota and it's citizens to leave him so bitter? I hope no one in his family ever needs to rely on these programs. I'm certain with his negative attitude he would treat them very badly if he were to find out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations to MN's GOP

Dear Minnesota Republican House Representative:
Dear Minnesota Republican Senate Representative:

Congratulations MN GOP your dead eye focus on our state's fiscal health has averted the need for a costly special-session...Oh wait.. You ARE going to a special-session.

Well, congratulations on your un-wavering focus on the promised jobs creation you campaigned on... Wait... You didn't get that done either.

At least you can say you decreased the size of government. That was really important to you, you campaigned really hard for smaller government. And now, by voting to put an amendment to our constitution on the ballot, you've ensured that the government will stay out of our private business... Wait, how much more private can you get than marriage? But you're putting that to a vote of the people. You would NEVER try to override the will of the people by stepping in and taking control away from, say.. local school boards. You know, try to micro-manage local.. Wait just a minute, you tried to do that too!

So what exactly did you accomplish this legislative session?

*You've unnecessarily added to our state deficit by forcing a special session.
*You've actually created a situation where the state government may be peering into our private lives. (Can't get any more "Big Government" than that)
*You've attempted to take control away from local School Board members & micro-manage small, local government..

As I see it, you actually have accomplished a lot. Unfortunately, none of it fulfills the promises you made to us when campaigning for your office. So now, We, (your constituents) have a promise or you. BALANCE OUR BUDGET, RAISE TAXES ON THE WEALTHY MINNESOTANS WHO CAN AFFORD TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, QUIT FOCUSING ON THINGS THAT DON'T CREATE JOBS OR INCREASE OUR STATE'S INCOME and STOP LYING! We The People put you into office and We The People can take you out of office.


Your Employers,
We The People

Want to send this to Minnesota's House Republicans and/or Senate Republicans? Follow the link's below for email addresses:
MN House Representatives
MN Senate Representatives

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