Saturday, November 12, 2011

Your Vote Counts

Right wing (read: GOP/Republican/Conservative) pundits (Limbaugh, Fox News, etc) always seem to be quick to point out the shortcomings & mistakes of their Left Wing (read: Democratic/Liberal) opposites. And lets be honest, the shortcomings & mistakes of people within the public eye should be pointed out. Yes they're human but because of their position in society, they are understandably held to a higher standard. However when the mistakes of Right Wing representatives are pointed out by Left Wing pundits the propensity to condemn the very same criticisms as politically motivated are all too often met with apologies from Democratic Liberals.

Why the difference in reactions? The bottom line is Liberal Democrats are nice. It takes a lot for a Democrat to criticize and when called out for it, the guilt complex kicks in and Liberal Dems quickly back down and apologize. This highlights the very weakness within the Democratic/Liberal/Left Wing psyche. Their sense of "fair play" is much too strong to allow them to compete effectively with the lack of scruples and dirty tricks so often played within a political campaign.

American voters have repeatedly said they don't like negative campaigns but then they turn right around and allow those very same negative campaign tactics to influence their vote.  The American voter is fickle and generally does not put in the necessary research to make an informed decision when they go to the polls.  As a result, we get election results that are disastrous. Case in point, the large number of "Tea Party" Republicans who gained a position in Congress during the last election. Americans wanted something, anything, to change but the change they voted for has proven to be disastrous for both the American Economy, the Rights of American Workers and last but not least Women's Health Care.

Attacks on these subjects have long been defended against by Democratic/Liberal politicians, Unions and even moderate Republican representatives. But when these 'roadblocks' were removed from office, the Radical Right quickly pounced and through Governors offices, decimated the rights of State Workers Unions; through the US Congress, crashed our American economy; and through the lack of opposition, have attacked Women's Reproductive and Health Care rights from all angles.

Your vote has a consequence. Your vote counts. Don't allow the mistakes of past elections continue. Correct the voting mistakes made, vote out the 'Tea Party' Republicans. Recall them where ever possible. And carry this hard learned lesson forward.  Teach your child(ren) the importance of independent research when deciding on the election of a candidate whether for a local municipal office or a national position. Every Vote Counts and Every Vote has a Consequence. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Shame of Penn State

Seriously. The misguided & blatant wrongness of the Penn State student protests make me sick. How ANYONE in their right mind can put football, a GAME, over the harm brought to a child is beyond me. It's absolutely disgusting. The whole damned college needs to be sanctioned not only for its handling of (or lack thereof) these allegations but also for creating an atmosphere that encouraged God-like worship of its football coach. The college itself needs to step forward & discourage or prohibit these inappropriate student demonstrations. And in Joe Pa was half the man these students believe him to be he himself would stand up to the protesters & tell them to disburse & cease their misguided & disgusting demonstrations. The victims of these crimes have already been put thru enough.

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